• Robert J. Berger

    Robert J. Berger

    CTO/SVP of Engineering at Omnyway.com

  • Mehmet ALP

    Mehmet ALP

    Hi, I’m Alp. I am the Founder of Rast Mobile. I’m mostly writing about software development. https://rastmobile.com/

  • Cemil Şinasi Türün

    Cemil Şinasi Türün

    Blockchain artist, entrepreneur

  • Abdurrahman Eker

    Abdurrahman Eker


  • osm4n homek

    osm4n homek

    fıkradaki temel gibiyim, kendimden emin ama herşeyin tersineİ

  • SpaceoutVR, Inc.

    SpaceoutVR, Inc.

    SpaceoutVR, Inc. an integrated VR developer. Spaceout.VR integrates entertainment, gaming and communications into a personified VR App. Get Virtualized!

  • Miljenko Logozar

    Miljenko Logozar

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